I’m moving right now.  I’ll have a classroom this year, after floating for two.  The room was filled to the brim with Chemistry and Biology lab equipment (a fascinating other-world to me; I do want to play), but I’ll be teaching four sections of Physics in there.  Thus, I am moving right now.  Bio & Chem gear out; Physics gear in.

I’m trying to keep good track of things for my colleagues.

As I’m packing and scrubbing and moving, I only hope to make some order* before I see students, but I’m dreaming about creating space.

My own delight in ephemera often leads me to Modern Mechanix, and I’ve found some applied Physics images I’d love to post — Ah!  (No, seriously, I just thought of this as I write. Gratitude for process.)  I will wall-paper an unsightly pipe with them, saving wallspace for student work.


As one of the choices in an assessment this year, I would like to have students create posters for the classroom — big, essential themes in Physics; thoughtful visual presentation.

I am blown away by the work students are doing at High Tech High.





I look forward to talking with my kids an seeing what they might be interested in doing.


* Of course, I wondered if there were any existing software/something that might be helpful for our science-department inventory — from managing chemical stocks with expiration dates to finding where the Magdeburg Spheres are, with pictures where wanted…  I’ll be looking into Quartzy.