Large Moments in my Physics-teaching history
(as if this were linear or something)

Off to college at age 32.

Seeing unemployment for the summer, I ask my Physics professor if I can work for him as he works on making his course better.  I glow when he said yes.

Aforementioned mentor in college gives me a year’s membership in the AAPT as a graduation present.  Thank you, Professor Mook!

An ad in The Physics Teacher brings me to Priscilla Laws et. al.  (The University of Oregon has amazing food.)

Priscilla Laws et. al. bring me to Lillian McDermott.  Send all new Physics teachers to her summer institute now.  (Our beloved Arnold Aarons was still alive then.)

Klingenstein.  Felt affirmed.  Met John Burk there.

Moved from a lovely little boarding school in New Hampshire to an awesome progressive K12 school in Maryland.  It’s all about the teaching now.

Our science department moves Physics to the 9th grade.

A couple of jaunts to the Perimeter Institute through Einstein Plus.

CIPT is very very good.

RET at Johns Hopkins.  One summer of soaking up as much high-level physics as possible (giant magneto resistance, mostly).  Second summer (now) of soaking up/making as much good teaching as possible.  Developing Modern Physics resources for high school (will make these available, as just about everything else I do is… Course pages).

This year:
Turned 50, got married, and bought a Harley.

School Counselor: Dorrie, is this some kind of Mid-life Crisis?
Dorrie: No, it’s some kind of Mid-life Getting It Right.



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  1. Hi, After Cornell’s CNS funding ended, the CIPT Lending Library (investigations and equipment) has been acquired by the Outreach Program for CLASSE (another lab at Cornell). We still support most of the labs offered by CNS and continue to lend materials to teachers. Really enjoyed reading your post on Foutan Boards and wondering if you still use them in your class. Here is our website: http://xraise.classe.cornell.edu/lending-library.html

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