Trains & planes, part 2


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(There were never any planes.  I was not inclined.)

What would it look like 
to have students analyze 
a traffic citation from a 
speed monitoring system?

  1. Distribute photocopies of an actual citation.  (I concealed the identity of the recipient and the officer. Don’t forget the plates.  If you’ve not received a citation yourself, I strongly recommend you solicit your friends & colleagues for, er… data.  Here in Baltimore, you can go online and get two amazingly sharp color photos and a video for your $40.) Continue reading

Trains, planes, and teaching 1D motion



We have speed cameras here in Maryland, and included in the controversy has been some miscalibration of the equipment.  (Here’s an example from the Washington Times.)  The article prompted me to send a send a note entitled “Physics and Speed Cameras” to my colleagues, offering to help if anyone thought she’d been wrongly served.  Here’s how one wonderfully bright, funny, and articulate colleague replied: Continue reading